Quick Reference: Meteor.Js Iron Router Vocabulary

Iron Router Vocabulary

  • Routes: A route is the basic building block of routing. It’s basically the set of instructions that tell the app where to go and what to do when it encounters a URL.
  • Paths: A path is a URL within your app. It can be static (/about) or dynamic (/posts/abc), and even include query parameters (/search?keyword=meteor).
  • Segments: The different parts of a path, delimited by forward slashes (/).
  • Hooks: Hooks are actions that you’d like to perform before, after, or even during the routing process. A typical example would be checking if the user has the proper rights before displaying a page.
  • Filters: Filters are simply hooks that you define globally for one or more routes.
  • Route Templates: Each route needs to point to a template. If you don’t specify one, the router will look for a template with the same name as the route by default.
  • Layouts: You can think of layouts as a “frame” for your content. They contain all the HTML code that wraps the current template, and will remain the same even if the template itself changes.
  • Controllers: Sometimes, you’ll realize that a lot of your templates are reusing the same parameters. Rather than duplicate your code, you can let all these routes inherit from a single routing controller which will contain all the common routing logic.


Ref. Discover Meteor & Iron:Router Documentation

Quick Reference: Meteor.Js Packages

Meteor.Js Packages

  • meteor-base: Contains Meteor’s core components – a Meteor app can’t run without it
  • First-party packages: come bundled with Meteor, examples: mongo and/or session. Included by default with new Meteor projects but can be removed
  • Local packages: Specific to your app; live in its local /packages dir
  • Atmosphere packages: Custom, third-party packages published to Atmosphere
  • NPM packages: Node.js packages. Can’t be included in Meteor package list directly, but can be imported/used within Meteor local/Atmosphere package

Ref. Discover Meteor